Invited Talks

  1. Ordered Median functions and Hub location problems. CORMSIS: Centre of Operational Research, Management Science and Information Systems of Southampton University. February, 2013.
  2. Hub location problems with order requirements. ALEL 2012 Meeting on Optimization. Limoges (Francia). July, 2012.
  3. Single Allocation Capacitated Ordered Median Hub Location Models. CORAL 2012 4th Workshop Combinatorial Optimization, Routing and Location Meeting. Benicasim (Castellón). May, 2012.
  4. Robustness in location problems with rapid transit lines. III Meeting of Project Excellence Andalusian FQM-5849, Gorafe, Granada, January 2012.
  5. Closest Assignment Constraints in Discrete Location Problems. Seminar “New Challenges in Combinatorial Mathematics”, Mathematics Faculty of Seville University, November 2011.
  6. Location, order and discrete optimization. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany, November 2010.
  7. Location problems with order. Invitation to Discrete Location Session in XXXII Nation Meeting of Statistic and Operations Research. La Coruña, September, 2010.
  8. Introduction to Stochastic Programming. II Meeting of the Group of Challenges of Combinatoric Mathematics. Villamoura (Portugal). February 2010.
  9. Stochastic Programming in Set Packing problems. VI Seminar of Sources optimization. Faculty of Mathematics of the University of  Murcia, Enero 2010.
  10. On Discrete optimization with ordering. III Combinatorial Optimization, Routing and Location Meeting. Universidad Miguel Hernández, Elche. June 2009.
  11. Discrete Optimization Problems with ordering. V Seminar of Sources Optimization. Faculty of Mathematics of Murcia, May 2009.
  12. Logistics to decision making. Seminar: Optimization to decision making. Faculty of Mathematics, University of Seville. June 2007.
  13. Ordered Median Problem with lp norm. EURO Winter Institute on Location and Logistics. Estoril, Portugal. February  2007.
  14. Flexible formulations for the location problem with capacity constraints. Seminar of Optimization Sources, Center of Operations Research, University of Miguel Hernández of Elche. October 2006.
  15. Multicriteria Location Problem. University of Saarbrucken, Germany. October 2005.
  16. The art for locating. Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Sevilla and Camara Fundation, May 2005.
  17. Conditional location on networks. IV Spanish Seminar of Location, University of Murcia. Lorca, November 2003.
  18. Location of Service Facilities: mobile and regional. Thematic Network of Locational Analysis, University of Sevilla. November, 2003.
  19. Finite Dominante sets of the ordered p-median problem. Department of Applied Mathematics II, University of Seville. June 2003.
  20. Efficiency with mixed norms. University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. February 1999.
  21. Several Problems in Continuous Location. University of Kaiserslautern, Germany. November 1997.